SMART Sign is a low cost remote controlled variable message road sign.

SMART Sign allows you to change your signs at the touch of a button. It is a modification of a standard sign plate, allowing instant remote control across most sign images

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Key Benefits

  • SAFE: Reduce carriage way crossings and increase road worker safety
  • DYNAMIC: Remotely operate signs and allow for longer working windows
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Reduce capital expenditure on impact protection vehicles and other specialised equipment
  • ADAPTABLE: Use SMART Sign with temporary ‘A’ frames or permanent street fixings
  • FLEXIBLE: Problem solve with different sign face images to suit customer requirements
  • SOLAR POWERED: Reduce your carbon footprint by harnessing green solar energy, take advantage of the increased durability and minimal infrastructure costs
    TSRGD compliant

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A hand-held transmitter sends a digital code to the SMART Sign receiver. Any receiver within range will receive and decode this transmission.

If the signal is valid, the receiver enters a timed active mode and carries out the command. Once complete, the receiver goes to ‘sleep’ and waits further command.

The sleeping receiver only draws about 1/4 of current of a single LED.

Two integrated 7-amp hour batteries supply the receiver and motor power, which in turn are charged by a solar panel.

The tiny current draw allows the batteries and solar panel to be so small, a 14 watt solar panel keeps the batteries charged throughout the year, eliminating the requirement for mains supply or service visits.

SMART Sign Technical Specifications

Overall Size1620 x 1920
(Based on a 3 lane wicket sign, custom sizes available to order)
(Based on a 3 lane wicket sign, custom sizes available to order)
ImageOverall size based on 2,3 and 4 lane wicket signs. Numerous sign plates and bespoke options available
PowerSolar re-charging
ConfigurationMulti channel RF transmitter and receiver, up to 200 metre range
Legal UsageSMART Sign is Highways type approved TM SafetySigns Ltd will supply any sign plate to current standards

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