Road Sign Maintenance SERVICE
Total permanent SmartSign and SmartBlind installations now exceed the 250 unit mark. At any one time, we have in excess of 300 temporary units on hire all over the country. We boast reliability figures in excess of 95%, but things do go wrong.
In order to support this network, we have fully trained service engineers available to react swiftly when things go wrong, or provide regular maintenance tasks.

We pride ourselves on our strong customer relations and outstanding reliability of our products.

Forward thinking clients have opted for a training package aimed at giving key personnel the skills to address in-service problems, and conduct routine maintenance. This strategy has proved extremely valuable. One case study of note relates to Carillion WSP based on the M1. They rented 50 SmartBlinds for 12 months and decided to upgrade them to permanent SmartSigns at the end of that period. We provided free training for 2 key employees. In the year since then, there have been no failures that required removal of the SmartSigns, and the Carillion WSP team were even able to tackle minor problems with rented units.

All new products are sold with a 12 month warranty and a service package available. All rented signs have a free service package included for the duration of the hire period. Service activity can usually be conducted without removing any element of the signs. This servicing package aims to maintain the quality we work so hard to achieve.

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