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SmartBlind NG

SmartBlind NG is the logical evolution of the successful SmartBlind product. The NG system addresses the reliability limitations of the original product and delivers a massive increase in mean time before failure. Reductions in part count and manufacturing efficiencies have not only increased the durability of the product but have enabled prices to remain the same.

SmartSign NG Product Presentation

SmartBlind NG Type Approval

Regulatory Documents:

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Traffic Signs Manual

Southwest Aerial Photography

TM Safety Signs Ltd have teamed up with Southwest Aerial Photography to provide a country-wide high quality service at very competitive prices. Download the Southwest Aerial Photography information brochure by clicking the link below.

Making Aerial Photography Better


SmartBlind is our most popular solution to your traffic management problems. SmartBlind is often combined with SmartSign and SmartFrame to produce a complete solution at a fraction of the cost of other options. SmartBlind is Highways Agency type approved.

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SmartBlind Data Sheet

SmartBlind Type Approval Certificate

SmartBlind Type Approval with SmartFrame


The SmartFrame is a unique development of the SmartBlind and SmartSign system. In locations with restricted space (i.e. narrow central reserves) the entire sign can be rotated out of the path of traffic lanes.

We are the only company who can offer you the ability to remotely rotate road signs, and our installation costs will still be below alternative systems.

Click the links below to download the data sheets.

SmartFrame Data Sheet

SmartFrame Type Approval with SmartBlind

SmartFrame Type Approval with SmartSign

SmartSign GPRS

SmartSign GPRS is a low cost remote controlled variable message road sign. SmartSign GPRS allows you to change your signs using an internet connected device. As a modification of a standard sign plate, it allows for strategic remote control of virtually any sign image.

SmartSign GPRS Data Sheet


SmartPark is a low cost remote controlled variable message sign. SmartPark allows you to manage your car park capacity using a handheld radio or an internet connected device. It is a modification of a standard sign plate, allowing strategic remote control of almost any sign image.

SmartPark Data Sheet

Environmental Policy

Green Policies
At T M Safety Signs environmental awareness has always been an integral part to the design and manufacture of our products. All of our products can be powered by solar panels or wind generators, which as well as helping the environment, make installation easier for the contractor. No mains electricity is required in the installation or use of these products.

Material selection is also an important factor to consider when designing environmentally friendly products. We have carefully selected materials that maximise the durability and reliability of our products. With one product in particular, the SmartBlind we have achieved this, while still managing to create a unit that is 95% recyclable.

Environmental Policy


SmartSign is a low cost remote controlled variable message road sign. SmartSign allows you to change your signs at the touch of a button. It is a modification of a standard sign plate, allowing instant remote control across most sign images.

SmartSign Data Sheet

SmartSign Type Approval Certificate

SmartSign Type Approval with SmartFrame